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From the Monkey's Desk

We are going to jump forward one year, the website architecture that we are working under will have given way to the HTML5 platform.

Design and programming features of existing sites will need to meet the eclipse of internet traffice being primarily driven by phone and mobile devices. We will look at that moment with two thoughts: Were we ready for that moment? and What could we have done to prepare for the wave of technological and end user driven innovation? We will be posting more information on what we are doing for our clients, from redesign to database and storage portability strategies.

On the client side, we are finishing a sites and have several that are between the approval of the Design Concept and the review of Proof of Concept, they are providing input on content and adjusting layout of their sites. One client has split the designa nd the content production side of things to try and speed things up... should be an interesting couple of weeks. And we have finished and continue to support a variety of on-going web sites Have a look around and send us your thoughts on the new site.

- Rob, Your Monkey