Our Web Site Design and Development Services

Style Shop Design can help you design and develop your web presence employing a systematic step-based approach to streamline the design process. We can create, format and administrate web content, including provided images and text. We work efficiently through the design process to address the goals and audience of the web site, establish the information architecture, the graphic design, and finally move your project through development, production and documentation.

Content Management and Consulting

While we can help you quickly develop web content for your company, we also emphasize the development of efficient maintenance strategies so that you to make the most efficient use of your content management resources (time, energy, and money). Again we will help you develop a strategy to keep your site useful to its intended users and you free from time-consuming, soul-sucking and expensive updates. We strive to reduce any unanticipated overhead or workload necessary to keep your web site current and relevant to your users.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

We have considerable experience with network administration, design and solutions development. For the most common needs of small to medium-sized companies as well as individual users, we can support network design, implementation and support, client-side configuration and desktop operating system installation and support, and application support including MicroSoft Office. We also emphasize prevention and risk management strategies.