Our approach...

All of our projects from CPU crash and burn to complete enterprise level web site, adhere to a step-based approach. This ensures that we (Provider) can effectively satisfy you (Client). The essential elements are as follows:

Project/Agreement Scope: This is the basic tenant agreement outlining the parties involved (client/provider), the services to be provided, any identified time frames, recommendations (for consulting services only), estimated project fees and any anecdotal information that will impact the scope of the project.

Design Concept: This is essentially the look and feel of the web site, contains color scheme, fonts, graphics and basic navigation. The Design Concept is approved by the client, prior to the beginning of production.

Architecture and File Hierarchy: While we are developing the Design Concept, we are also planning the architecture and file hierarchy which is comprised of the navigation, images, files and content, and includes the appropriate software or programming platforms required for seamless behind the scenes development. This also includes consideration for content management system and hosting support strategies.

Proof of Concept: Once the Design Concept has been approved and moved to production, the complete system is developed and presented on a blind site to the client for review. The review is the Proof of Concept and any changes or edits required will be made to the Proof of Concept prior to the live deployment. Once the Proof of Concept is approved the site will be published LIVE.

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