Why Complete Solutions?

We won't promise to make everything regarding your web site, your computer networks and your computers completely hassle free. And in case you are wondering, consulting with our team won't make your teeth whiter. We will however explain in plain English the rationale behind any of our recommendations, solutions and practices, particularly for those requiring immediate or time-sensitive triage and content recovery.

For our consulting services, we employ a step-based approach that helps us both identify issues and causes and then to effectively develop solutions to address computing issues and businesses processes.

For some clients, our solutions are simply streamlining business and support processes to reduce the headache of maintaining and updating the web site For others, it means creating a consistent message or look and then branding that message across different sites and media. And yet for others, it means both building a site from scratch, integrating database functionality with graphic design, resulting in a product solution both aesthetically pleasing, functional and manageable. Lastly it also means helping a client who just crashed their personal computer at home and is risking losing valuable personal information.

In each case we return to this consistent, step-based approach that helps us provide a complete solution to our clients.

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